Testimonials / Student Comments

My trading has improved tremendously
with Steve's guidance and teaching

I paid my fee and I was now on my way to becoming a successful trader.

The good news is my trading has improved tremendously with Steve's guidance and teaching.

I have become a more patient trader, looking for specific patterns and setups, and more importantly understanding what the "big players" are doing behind the curtain.

It becomes a lot easier to trade when you know and understand what the market makers are doing and how they conduct their daily business.

The thing that keeps me coming back and continue training with Steve is his hard work and dedication to his students.

I am constantly impressed with his desire to help us all become successful traders. I don't know where he gets the energy but for the 1 1/2 years that I have been a student his tireless commitment is impressive. Without any hesitation,

I wholeheartedly recommend Steve Mauro as Teacher Of The Year in the forex world.

Good luck to all of you
Gary Lynk


Profitable Approach To Trading

After years of wandering and searching in the trading wilderness, and after spending untold thousands of dollars (many of them wasted),

I have finally stumbled upon a trader, a teacher, a mentor who is able to bring it all together and present a credible, cohesive,effective, and profitable approach to trading.

In BTTM, Steve Mauro not only presents concepts of trade execution and management, but also provides the reasons behind the moves in the markets.

There is no other person I have ever met who is more knowledgeable about the markets, more compassionate about trading, or more determined to see that I succeed.

I can honestly say that after all this time, effort and money, I am finally on the road to trading success and financial independence... and for that, I thank you Steve Mauro & your team of consumate professionals.

Don Krueger


The BTMM course really opened my eyes!

Much appreciated Joe!

On another note, I just wanted to share that the BTMM course has really opened my eyes! Not only in seeing the real market drivers but also in understanding how much the rhetoric in financial media plays a huge role in keeping us in the dark, albeit unknowingly. I wish I had known about BTMM five years ago which would have saved me thousands of dollars in useless courses and lose trades.

My last 3 trades using BTMM have all been successful averaging 30 to 72 pips.

I can't thank Steve and you enough!


David Leddy

"Finally !!
Someone who understands the market and is committed to teaching others how it works. I am totally impressed with Steve as an educator and person !! This was the smartest move I have ever made !"
Greg Thompson, Boulder CO


"You are a gift from God!!
Thank you, I am up 34% over the last two weeks
since I read your report and listened to your webinar"

Billy Jones, Newark NY


"I owe you a debt of gratitude, since i first learned of you i have almost doubled my account!!"
Lenny Washington, Atlanta GA


"Make Money Trading FOREX! All you have to do is...

How many ways are there to say this? Apparently, there are hundreds of ways to say it. Unfortunately, they are gimmicks, they are wrong, or they are outright lies. There is only one way to make money trading FOREX, and only one person showing us how.

Trade the way the market makers trade, the way Steve shows us.

Thank you, Steve. The market makers keep leaving their footprints all over the charts, just like you say they do."
Charles Dean, Dallas TX


"Excellent and logical approach . By nature people are very dirty and greedy and are controlling all activities associated with large money flow. Forex is probably the largest and easiest to manipulate, so that I fully accept your teaching.

Superb information, thanks!"
Mike Kirk, Charlotte NC

"Once you see it, you can never unsee it!"
Kim P., Austin Texas

"You made me remember what I had forgotton - that made me successful when I began trading. Its unbelievable how I was doped and allowed myself to be trapped.

Can't thank you enough"
DeVaughn Miller, Burlington VT

"Using Steve's BTMM class information from the January Orlando, Florida class, I placed trades on three charts. At the end of the trades, using multiple lots and scaling in, I closed all the trades with a total gross profit of 1179 pips. I never did that prior to attending Steve's class."
Marty Ward, Miami Florida



Whether you are an experienced FOREX trader, or a novice, we provide an unmatched education and support team. Pay once and receive for life:

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