Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.

~Benjamin Franklin


“No Student Left Behind!”

After completing the course materials many students demanded more! … Hence, The DMR was born!

The Daily Market Review (DMR) gives the BTMM graduate a chance to put into action the concepts taught in the 4 day class. With guided interaction, questions and technical sessions the student can become more comfortable identifying key setups and areas on the chart where the dealers will intervene in the market. Each day during the week an instructor will guide the students through their respective module, the student should come away with a deeper understanding of the setup and why it was or was not a viable trade option.

What we offer:

Ongoing Education and Advanced Techniques!

Every weekday at 7pm Steve and his team will lead a live session for approximately 1 hour.
Topics to be discussed range from trading setups, charting, trading psychology, and levels. We guide you into business plan development, trade assessment, finding your signature trade, creating and maintaining a set of rules for execution, trade management and the most often overlooked element… fractional money management.

Premarket Scans:

During the trading week, the major and favorite cross- currency pairs are scanned for level and directional bias trade ideas.

Never Feel Alone!

Our 24/7 live Skype groups are a place for you to connect with other students, share charts, talk shop and just hang out. Students post their charts and projections for the upcoming session, as well as their own trades they have executed. The group is filled with like- minded traders helping each other navigate the markets!

Once enrolled, you will receive the meeting links and times directly to your inbox